We are Anushka, James and Bertie the Pug and together we are Pug Cafe™️.

In 2017 after we brought Bertie home, he was paralysed suddenly overnight and was soon diagnosed with Hemivertebrae. He undertook life-saving surgery at The Supervet and although he was given a second chance at life, he was crate-bound for much of his recovery meaning he missed out on important socialisation.

When Bertie was well enough to go for walks, we set up a local pug meet up so that he could meet and play with other dogs – Bertie had a second chance at life! We vowed to make sure Bertie would never miss out (below you’ll see him as a puggerfly – living his best life!).

Soon after growing this community of pug owners we decided to take the meet up indoors to our local cafe and there Pug Cafe was born!

Pug Cafe Puggerfly Bertie About Us

Our first Pug Cafe in Guildford was incredibly popular, Bertie and the pugs enjoyed a unique cafe experience, played off lead and the owners and dog lovers all loved being around their favourite dogs. It was the most joyful and fun experience, and so we decided to spread the love far and wide…

Pug Cafe is now a successful dog events company and we organise breed specific events including pop up cafes, discos and parties across the UK. We are on a mission to share our cafe experiences and canine social events with every dog and every breed in the world. Pedigree or mixed breed, small or large – every dog deserves a pupuccino!

Our events are for dogs, dog owners and dog lovers alike and we are proud to be part of a growing movement of sharing social experiences with our furry companions & friends.

So what exactly do we do? Well, Pug Cafe transforms beautiful cafes, bars and restaurants into venues for dogs for the day. There are dedicated dog menus, pooch-sized photo opportunities, pupuccinos, and the dogs can play off lead in a safe space – the perfect place for your dog to socialise and the ultimate doggy day out.

Dogs are incredibly sociable creatures by nature, they’re pack animals so they’re well adapted to living, playing and socialising in groups together. We believe it’s important to keep socialising your dog and so that’s why all our events are off lead – it’s their time to play, make friends and explore.

We have a saying here… if the dogs are happy, everyone is happy!

The reason breed specific events work so well is that different dog breeds have their own personality traits, quirks and social norms. In a similar way to how birds of a feather flock together… we find dogs are happiest when surrounded by their own kin.

For dog owners, you can enjoy a fun cafe experience with your dog. Not only can you tuck into a delicious meal, cocktails or coffee drinks, but also mingle and get to know like-minded people – it’s an incredibly fun social experience for both you and your dog.

Dog lovers are also welcome at events! If you don’t have your own pet, it’s a chance for you to enjoy a unique and memorable experience of meeting lots of your favourite type of dogs all in the same room, enjoy plenty of doggy cuddles and learn first hand about the breed.

Pug Cafe events are famously known for our uplifting, exciting atmosphere and this is because we actively encourage people to socialise, make friends and really enjoy they time, and stay connected afterwards.

We have grown several breed specific online communities where owners and dog lovers alike can share photos and videos of the event, post adorable photos of your dog, ask and share valuable information about the breed, and celebrate what unites you. Pug Cafe helps you make online connections and real world friendships.

Events under the Pug Cafe umbrella include our here event Pug Cafe, Dachshund Cafe Frenchie Cafe, Cockapoo Cafe, Doodle Disco & Dachshund Disco. We host events for all these breeds as well Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and more.

We have been touring the UK with our events and have been to every major city in the country. We love hosting events, from our classic breed specific cafe experiences to our legendary Halloween parties and collaborations with brands such as Universal Pictures and Disney – we know how to throw a party like no other!

Come join us at our next event, we know you’ll just love it.


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