Dachshund Cafe Kent at Pitcher & Piano 11th September 2022

The official Dachshund Cafe™ hits Tunbridge Wells this September so if you are a Dachshund, proud Dachshund Owner or just LOVE them, don’t miss out on on the hottest ticket in town.

Join us for all the things you LOVE to see…

  • Kent’s first ever official Dachshund Cafe! SO. MUCH. CUTENESS under one roof
  • Located at the indoor-outdoor Pitcher & Piano in beautiful Tunbridge Wells
  • Dachshund Sunbeds, Splash Pools, Sofas and lots more doggy-sized lounging!
  • Pop + Bark Pupuccino Bar in the house – the world’s only Puppucino bar for dogs
  • Heaps of adorable photo opportunities for shareable moments + cute insta clicks
  • A 90 minute ‘off lead’ social experience for Dachshunds and humans
  • A fully inclusive, family-friendly event open to Dachshund Lovers too
  • Beautiful indoor & outdoor venue for safe socialising
  • Designated quiet areas for nervous or older Dachshunds and guests
  • Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery serving beautifully iced pupcakes & treats
  • Delicious menu of brunch, lunch, coffee, speciality teas and Summer cocktails
  • Mini Pup Boutique by Little Gem’s Pawdrobe for all the latest dog accessories
  • Delicious menu of brunch, lunch, coffees and cocktails for the humans in tow

Have you had the best Summer ever with your little bestie? We’ve been loving getting back into the swing of our events and to celebrate, we’re seeing off our Summer off with a bang! This event will be full of rainbows, joy, colour, flowers, sparkle and paw-sitivity.


Dachshund Cafe is the ultimate doggy day out and a feel-good, joyful event for dogs and humans. Lots of treats, food and drinks, good music and happy sausages. Nobody leaves without a waggy tail and a huge smile on their face!

You may be thinking – why just Dachshunds? Well, just like birds of a feather flock together, Dachshunds love to bounce along and play with their fellow kind.

Imagine going to a party where everywhere had the same sense of humour? It’s like that, but better.


This will be their Best Day Ever with lots to sniff and explore on the journey there, treats and pupuccinos on arrival, playtime with fellow dachshunds… and heaps of fuss from the dog-loving humans in attendance.


Over 15,000 dogs have experienced our famous dog events and we’ve been given the paws of approval by BBC News, LADbible, Metro, The Telegraph and lots more. We are the most talked about dog event in the UK so come see what it’s all about…

We’ve teamed up with the party experts – Pitcher & Piano in Tunbridge Wells. It’s a fabulous venue that flows across their indoor restaurant/bar areas and outside terrace.

So grab your Dachshund squad, your other half, the kids, your friends and book in. We’re a totally inclusive, family-friendly event!


The best thing is, you don’t need to own a dachshund to come and enjoy lots of doggy cuddles and licks. I have previously had a dachshund and miss them so, or you long for your own dog… or just love love love dachshunds, this is the event for you.


This is the perfect chance to get to know this special breed first hand from their owners who know them best. You’ll get the opportunity to learn more about Dachshunds, make friends (both human and furry), enjoy lots of dachshund cuddles and take it all in.


So stop scrolling through Instagram and TikTok – nows your chance to meet some lovely little sausages in real life. All the dogs will be off-lead and free to roam and make friends.


We will be at Pitcher & Piano on Sunday 11th September 2022 and the breed-specific Dachshund Cafe timeslot will be at 11am. Another time slot may open up depending on demand so keep your paws crossed and watch this space.

So let’s talk about our Pop + Bark Pupuccino Bar.

We are proud creators of the world’s first and only dedicated Pupuccino Bar for dogs! It is the coolest experience for a dog, and our specialist “Miss Pupuccino” Bartender will whip up your dogs drink with a host of tasty toppings including organic peanut butter sprinkles, beetroot pupcorn, doggy jazzies, seasonal fruits, cheesy biscuits and lots more.


Alongside the bar will be Rudi’s the Doggy Bakery serving up freshly-baked Pupcakes, Doughnuts, Biscuits delights.

Pitcher & Piano will be serving a menu of all their favourite dishes including savoury and sweet so whatever your mood and appetite there will be something to tickle your tastebuds. Of course, there’ll also be wine, spritzes and cocktails too.

All well-behaved dachshunds are welcome, but there are some doggy do’s and dont’s:

  • Do bring your friendly, well socialised & vaccinated dachshund
  • Do feel free to let your dachshund off lead once at the event
  • Do keep a close watch over your dachshund as they remain your responsibility
  • Don’t leave dog mess behind – bag and bin it
  • Don’t bring aggressive dogs – if they harm another dog or person it will be your liability
  • Don’t bring dogs in season please

For nervous dogs or older dogs we have brand new Chill Zones; quieter place to sit where you can enjoy the experience at a calmer pace. Please note, we do not allocate seats so if you would like to sit here please arrive a little earlier to make sure you are ahead in the queue.

Finally, Little Gems Pawrdrobe will be setting up a mini boutique so you can browse, try on and pick from lots of the dog harnesses, collars, bowties, bandanas, accessories and more.

T&Cs of attending:

  1. Dogs coming to the event must be friendly, well-socialised and up to date with their vaccinations. If your dog is showing aggression towards other dogs or humans you will be asked to leave.
  2. `Dachshund Cafe is the event and Pop+Bark are the organisers. Pitcher & Piano is the venue. All take no responsibility for your dog or its actions, you must keep them safe and if your dog harms another dog or person it will fall under your own liability.
  3. Dog owners are welcome to let their dog off lead but must take responsibility for their safety and actions.
  4. Please check your Pet Insurance to ensure your dog is covered for public liability in the event they harm another dog or person. Should you bring more than one dog, ensure you have enough people to care responsibly them – suggested dog to human ratio is 2:1
  5. If you or your dog are harmed by someone else’s dog you must resolve the matter with the dog’s owner – we take no responsibility for the actions of the dogs attending.
  6. This is a ticketed event. Every human and dog is required to have a ticket to attend even if they are free.
  7. You must purchase the correct ticket to attend. If you are bringing a dachshund in your booking you are all classed as ‘Dachshund Owners’ and should be in possession of Dachshund Owner tickets and in attendance with a dachshund.
  8. If you are not bringing a dachshund with you to the event in your party booking you must buy a Dachshund Lover ticket.
  9. All children must be accounted for – children 16 or under are charged a reduced rate and children 6 or under are free but you must still order a ticket for them.
  10. All dogs must be accounted for – you must purchase a ticket for your dachshunds (they are free) do not attend without a ticket for your dachshund. If you attend and do not bring a dachshund with you but have purchased a Dachshund Owner or Guest ticket it will be at the discretion of the organisers as to whether you are allowed in – you will be required to pay the additional costs to convert your ticket to a Dachshund Lover ticket plus a service fee.
  11. There is a strictly No Refund policy in place – please ensure you are able to attend before purchasing tickets. Any ticket change requests will be handled on a case by case basis and at the organiser’s discretion. In the event you cannot attend, you may transfer your ticket to a friend or family member. If you cannot attend or pass on your tickets you may request your tickets be transferred to another upcoming event. All queries to help@pugcafe.com
  12. If the event should be cancelled you will receive a refund minus the booking fee paid to TicketTailor. The booking fee is £0.50 per paid ticket. There is no booking fee for free tickets (dog tickets or Children 6 or under)
  13. Dogs receive a Pupuccino and Dachshund Lovers receive a free bag of dog treats but all other food and drinks for humans and dogs are payable – the ticket covers entry only.
  14. This event is for Dachshunds and Dachshund crosses only – please do not bring dogs of other breeds.
  15. We reserve the right to amend, reschedule or cancel the event at any time.
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