Dachshund Cafe™ is coming to Bristol 13th November 🎅🐾


The festive season is officially in sight and Pop + Bark is kicking off Christmas with another Dachshund Cafe™ in Bristol. Come meet lots of fellow Dachshunds, Owners and Dog Lovers alike.


We’ll be transporting you to a Circus and Fairground-themed Dachshund Cafe at Revolucion de Cuba. Expect a magical atmosphere, delicious Christmas cocktails & a menu fit for all kinds of feasts.

Join us on Sunday 13th November for…

  • The first CHRISTMAS Dachshund Cafe™ in Bristol – the perfect present for your dog 🎁
  • Awesome Circus themed event with heaps of cute photo opps for the insta savvy
  • Bring your Dachshund to meet Santa Paws in real life – we KNOW him 🎅
  • Festive Gingerbread Pupuccinos from the Pop + Bark mobile Pupuccino Bar
  • Unveiling of our brand new Pupcorn Bar for dogs – pick from a host of tasty flavours 🍿
  • Santa’s Sleigh for dogs and lots of shareable, cute Christmas moments
  • Competition prize for the UGLIEST Christmas jumper plus most FESTIVE & cutest CIRCUS outfit 🏆
  • Doggy Bakery with Christmas Pupcakes, Gingerbread Men and Cookies
  • 80 minute ‘off lead’ indoor social experience for you and your Dachshund
  • Pop Up Doggy Boutique for all your dog’s Christmas shopping 🛍️
  • Delicious menu with food, cocktails and spritzes & more from Revolucion de Cuba

Please note this is a ticketed event and you must buy / order tickets for every person or dog attending – even if they’re free. All dog tickets must be bought in conjunction with at least one Dachshund Owner ticket.


Christmas is made even more special this year with a paw-fect celebration that includes your Dachshund. Bring them along to this event where they’ll enjoy an off-lead social experience, festive Pupuccinos and Pupcorn, lots of attention and a really special day out.


Santa Paws will also be making a very special appearance so your Dachshund can meet the man himself! 


We absolutely love Christmas here at Pop+Bark so book on now and look forward to a Christmas Circus-themed Dachshund Cafe that has all the fun of the fairground! With lots of cute photo opportunities and fairground-themed moments.

We like to call it VAC. Value-Added-Cuteness!


Our breed-specific events are known to be the perfect way to socialise whether you’ve got an excitable puppy on your hands or an older pet that deserves a super-special day out, its a lovely place to meet like-minded people.


We are super welcoming to all and encourage guests to make friends and keep in touch after the event!


Held at the centrally-located Revolucion de Cuba, we’ll be taking over the entire main restaurant and bar so no matter the weather we’ll be able to give you a fabulous day out…


So grab your friends, the other half, all your family, the whole Dachshund crew and book yourself into Dachshund Cafe™.

We promise nobody leaves without a waggy tail and a huge smile on their face! Just like birds of a feather flock together, dogs love to bounce along with their fellow kind.


Bring your Dachshund to meet and socialise off-lead with lots of other Dachshunds…

Our breed-specific events are known to be the perfect way to socialise whether you’ve got an excitable puppy on your hands or an older pet that deserves a super-special day out, its a lovely place to meet like-minded people.


We are super welcoming to all and encourage guests to make friends and keep in touch after the event!


The famous Pop + Bark mobile Pupuccino Bar will be in the house serving up festive Pupuccinos.

Plus, it wouldn’t be a Circus without freshly-popped Pupcorn. We will be unveiling our brand-new Pupcorn Bar where you’ll get to pick your toppings… from Cheddar sprinkles to Christmas Turkey and Beef.

Plus, Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery will be there with their freshly-baked Christmas Pupcakes, Gingerbread Men, iced Christmas Cookies and lots more. Stock up on your Dachshund’s Advent treats!


There will also be a Pop Up Boutique so you can treat your Dachshund and maybe even pick up some of your Christmas shopping, too.


We are all dog lovers here so you don’t need to own your own Dachshund to come and enjoy this really special event. You can get to know the breed better and enjoy a really, joyful experience. We keep a close eye on the ratio of dogs to humans to everyone is happy!

This is the perfect chance to get to know the breed first hand from their owners who know them best. You’ll get the opportunity to chat all things Dachshund, make friends (both human and furry), enjoy lots of Dachshund cuddles and take it all in.


We are also super family-friendly so if you can’t have a dog at home but your kids love them then this is a wonderful experience they’ll be raving about for years to come! We have had so many little guests come to our events and they tell us it’s the happiest day of their life.


Revolucion de Cuba have the humans covered with a selection of their tastiest cuban-inspired brunch-lunch dishes, sweet puds and sharing bites. Not forgetting their signature cocktails too. 


All well-behaved Dachshunds are welcome, but there are some doggy do’s and dont’s:

  • Do bring friendly, well socialised & vaccinated dogs
  • Do feel free to let your dog off lead, but…
  • Do keep a close watch over your dog
  • Don’t leave dog mess behind – bag and bin it
  • Don’t bring aggressive dogs to the event
  • Don’t bring dogs in season

We work closely with the venue to ensure the safety of all of our guests by:

  • Utilising a large indoor area with well spaced out seating plan
  • Risk assessed event
  • Props to be sanitised and cleaned
  • Staffed adequately
  • Dog first aider present

T&Cs of attending:

  1. Dogs coming to the event must be friendly, well-socialised and up to date with their vaccinations. If your dog is showing aggression towards other dogs or humans you will be asked to leave.
  2. Pop+Bark is the organiser of this event – Dachshund Cafe™ Christmas is the event. Pop+Bark and Revolucion de Cuba take no responsibility for your dog or its actions, you must keep them safe and if your dog harms another dog or person it will fall under your own liability.
  3. Christmas Circus is the theme of the event, please be aware there will be no actual fairground rides or Circus acts.
  4. Dachshund owners are welcome to let their dog off lead but must take responsibility for their safety and actions.
  5. Please check your Pet Insurance to ensure your dog is covered for public liability in the event they harm another dog or person. Should you bring more than one dog, ensure you have enough people to care responsibly them – suggested dog to human ratio is 2:1
  6. If you or your Dachshund are harmed by someone else’s dog you must resolve the matter with the dog’s owner – Pop+Bark and The Refinery take no responsibility for the actions of the dogs attending. Should a fellow guest harm your dog, they will be personally accountable and all issues must be resolved as if in a public space – the Pop+Bark team cannot mediate.
  7. You must purchase the correct ticket to attend. If you are bringing a Dachshund in your booking, all people in the party are then classed as ‘Dachshund Owners’ and should be in possession of Dachshund Owner tickets and in attendance with at least one Dachshund.
  8. If neither you or the guests in your booking are not bringing a Dachshund with you to the event, you must buy a Dachshund Lover ticket.
  9. All children must be accounted for – children 16 or under are charged a reduced rate and children 6 or under are free but you must still order a ticket for them.
  10. All Dachshunds must be accounted for – you must purchase a ticket for your dog (they are free) please do not attend without a ticket for them. If you attend and do not bring a Dachshund with you but have purchased a Dachshund Owner or Guest ticket it will be at the discretion of the organisers as to whether you are allowed in – you will be required to pay the additional costs to convert your ticket to a Dachshund Lover ticket plus a service fee.
  11. There is a No Refund policy in place due to the nature of these events – you must check you are available to attend before purchasing tickets. However if in the event you cannot attend, you may transfer your ticket to a friend or family member.
  12. If the event should be cancelled you will receive a refund minus the booking fee paid to TicketTailor or a Refund via Voucher so you can attend another event. The booking fee is £0.50 per paid ticket. There is no booking fee for free tickets (Dachshund tickets or Children 6 or under)
  13. Dachshunds receive a free Pupuccino and Pupcorn but all other food and drinks for humans and dogs are payable – the ticket covers entry only.
  14. This event is for Dachshunds and Dachshund crosses, please do not bring dogs with you to this event. 
  15. Pop+Bark may film the event and footage could be used but not limited to: website, event and marketing promotion, social media content adverts and press materials. If you would like to request the removal of your image you can email help@pugcafe.com but please be aware while we will endeavour to do this, on occasion we may not be able to remove footage once it has been published or used by press.
  16. We reserve the right to amend, reschedule or cancel the event at any time. We aim to provide guests suitable notice of any changes.